EasyHostingASP.NET | Best and cheap Joomla hosting. Joomla is one of the most popular and powerful CMS. It is used by thousands of websites including popular sites like Linux.com, Unrig.org, Harvard University, MTV Greece, and many others. Joomla is mainly used for online shops, forums and community websites, however many choose to use Joomla for their blog or company website.

It is easy to find a web host running Joomla, but comparatively hard to find one offering a plan which is optimized for hosting Joomla at an affordable rate.

Considering too many Joomla hosting choices for the beginners, we has worked out a list of the web hosts that have the best Joomla hosting reputation, compatibility, reliability, performance, technical support and price, which is designed to help readers find the web hosts they need in minutes, including the companies below.

Best and Cheap Joomla Hosting

To choose the best  Joomla Hosting for your site, we recommend you going with the following Best & recommended Joomla Hosting company that are proved reliable and sure by our editors. Our review site is designed to be a trusted place for bloggers, individuals and web designers to find best web hosting solutions at an affordable price. We review each web host in our view points independently, and rate them based on their reliability, features, technical support level, prices and reputation in the industry.

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ASPHostPortal as The best and Recommended Joomla hosting.

ASPHostPortal.com offers best and recommended Joomla Hosting. ASPHostPortal.com was founded in 2008. It has been topping the list of almost all the web Hosting review sites so far. This company is missioned to deliver a cost effective plan in the consideration of all feature, price, reliability, loading speed and technical support. Their best and cheap Joomla Hosting plan is starting at $5.00/mo. ASPHostPortal.com aims to provide customers with affordable yet reliable and lightning-fast Joomla Hosting packages. Their servers and staff are both located in the USA. Their company has hosted 60,000+ websites over the past four years. With 99.99% Uptime and 30 Day Money Back guarantees your satisfaction is guaranteed. Combine that with super fast and friendly 24/7 support and it won’t be long before you are smiling.

DiscountService.biz as The Best and Cheap Joomla hosting

DiscountService.biz prides itself in providing web Hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and affordability. DiscountService.biz’s edge is derived through unparalleled company management and a culture of employee driven initiatives. With their fully support on Microsoft Windows and Drupal in their Windows Server, DiscountService.biz is the best choice to host your Joomla Hosting. They are so confident in their Hosting services they will not only provide you with a 30 days money back guarantee, but also they give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their Joomla Hosting plan is starting from $7.00 /mo.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET as The Best and Reliable Joomla hosting

UKWindowsHostASP.NET offers Joomla Hosting. They offer flexible Joomla Hosting to new as well as existing customers. Given the scale of their environment, they have recruited and developed some of the best talent in the Hosting technology that you are using. They are so confident in their Hosting services they will not only provide you with a 30 days money back guarantee, but also they give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their Joomla Hosting plan is starting from £5.50/mo .Their team is strong because of the experience and talents of the individuals who make up UKWindowsHostASP.NET.

How to Choose the Best Joomla Hosting Service

There are literally hundreds or maybe thousands of hosting companies who offer Joomla hosting. It is really hard to determine who the best Joomla hosting provider is, but there are certainly hosting companies that offer reliable hosting service and great support for Joomla. Check the above mentioned three hosting firms.

If you prefer other hosting providers, the first step to determine if the company support Joomla is to check their server configuration. Joomla requires PHP, MySQL, Apache to run. In addition it would be great to have other features such as phpMyAdmin, mod_rewrite enabled to be able to activate search engine friendly URLs, Gzip and .htaccess.

The operating system of the server is also important if you are going to build your site with Joomla 1.5 or 2.5 versions. If building a new site, I highly recommend using the latest stable version of Joomla. The 3.x version is not OS dependent. It works great on Linux and Windows as well, while the older versions are only compatible with Linux system.

The core Joomla does not require much disk space. Uploading images, videos and articles to your site can quickly increase the size of your site. Installing extensions to your Joomla system will also increase the size of your website. Make sure you choose a hosting plan that offers enough disk space as well bandwidth for your website.

There are other aspects as well when choosing web hosting for Joomla. Here are a few to consider:

  • Joomla oriented technical support (if possible 24/7 support) – general web hosting support is not enough, look for a hosting provider who is able to help you out with Joomla related problems as well
  • Joomla compatible servers – besides PHP, MySQL there are other features that are needed to run your Joomla site smoothly. Some extensions might require Cron Jobs, suPHP or other features; check if your provider offers these.
  • Server work load – you should know that Joomla requires a good amount of server resources to run at a good performance. Some companies might limit your account because your site is using too much CPU or RAM. Check prior with the hosting firm to see what is the maximum allowed server usage for the hosting plan you are going to pick.
Alexia Pamelov