EasyHostingASP.NET | Best and cheap mojoPortal hosting. mojoPortal is no longer under active development. It is still being maintained for security fixes if such issues come up. You can get the source code on github. If you liked my work on mojoPortal you may also find my latest open source project interesting.

As you may know there is a new web stack coming from Microsoft, ASP.NET Core and .NET Core. .NET Core framework is a new light weight cross platform version of .NET that will be supported by Microsoft on Windows, Linux, and Mac. ASP.NET Core is the unification of previous MVC concepts with those of Web API.

These new frameworks and tools are going to really modernize the way we develop web applications and sites.

What mojoPortal is and is NOT Designed For


mojoPortal is primarily intended for building business web sites with social features, it is not intended as a foundation for building a social networking site. The features in mojoPortal are very powerful and generally intended for trusted users to create and edit content. Features like the Html Content Feature and the Blog for example allow users to add javascript to the page which makes it possible to do powerful things but javascript can also be used for malicious purposes. You should not let strangers have edit permissions in these powerful features. People occasionally ask about building a site where any registered user can create and edit pages, mojoPortal is NOT designed for that. The security implications of building a social networking site are very different than those for building a site where trusted users can edit. If you are trying to build a social networking site or want to allow strangers to edit content you should probably use something other than mojoPortal or build your own features that are designed for untrusted users and limit the abilities and not use the features included with mojoPortal. We do have some features that are designed to correctly handle untrusted users such as the forums where any registered user can post but cannot use javascript and the content they enter is wrapped in controls that prevent javascript from executing even if the user manages to put javascript in there. Blog Comments are also designed for untrusted users, but pretty much all other features are too powerful to let untrusted users have edit permissions.

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