EasyHostingASP.NET | Best and cheap Windows Hosting comparison. Most review sites just list a bunch of hosting companies and copy a sales pitch. I do things differently! This comparison table lets you quickly see the main features of the hosting companies I have dealt with so far. I recommend to check out the detailed reviews before you jump into any one of the hosting services.

Both Veneration and ASPHostPortal are famous Providers of windows ASP.NET hosting. Both of the two companies are recommended by thousands of users around the world. How do you decide which hosting company you should use, or what type of hosting plan is right for you?

However, for those who never purchase the services of the two companies, they are puzzled and don’t know which one is better. So it is not a simple task for them to choose the ASP.NET hosting which is more suitable for them. Thus, we decided to make this Veneration VS ASPHostPortal comparison on the basis of cost-effectiveness, features, performance and technical support.

Plan in ComparisonBudgetHost One
Technical Support★★★★★★★★
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Pricing and Plan

Veneration offers four Windows shared hosting plans including Budget, Business, Professional and Enterprise plan. The prices of the plans start from $7.70/mo, $15.00/mo, $25.00/mo and $45.00/mo. Veneration offers fast, reliable windows hosting on servers located in Australia. Their Windows Hosting services all run on Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and IIS6 supporting the latest Microsoft technologies.

ASPHostPortal provides eight Windows ASP.NET packages – Host Intro, Host One, Host Two, Host Three, Host Four, Host Five, Host Six and Host Seven. The packages originally charge for $1.00/mo, $5.00/mo, $9.00/mo, $14.00/mo, $23.00/mo, $35.00/mo, $45.00/mo and $70/mo. Their hosting plans have large storage space and bandwidth, unlimited domain host, unlimited email and ftp account, and include MSSQL and MySQL database. Additionally, the company is more thoughtful than Veneration in offering both 30 day full refund promise and anytime pro-rated refund policy.


Feature, as a crucial factor to evaluate a hosting service provider, is seriously taken into consideration by many webmasters. Veneration and ASPHostPortal are different from each other in many features. Specifically, ASPHostPortal offers more features to its plans and offer cheaper price than Veneration. For instance, it provides more exceptional spotlights in developer feature, database feature and email feature. To have a clear understanding, we pick out the Value plan and Host One to work out the comparison table below.

Plan in ComparisonBudgetHost One
Hosted Domain1Unlimited
Space Storage50 MB5000 MB
Bandwidth1 GB60 GB
Domain Alias5Unlimited
MSSQL DatabaseNo Include2 x 200 MB
MySQL DatabaseNo Include3 x 200 MB
ASP.NET1.1 and 2.02.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5
ASP.NET MVC2/3/4/5/6
Remote MSSQLYesYes
Regular Price$7.70/mo$8.00/mo
Discount PriceN/A$5.00/mo
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Uptime Rate

To ensure uptime and speed, both Veneration and ASPHostPortal have been investing much money and time. Besides, both of them utilize many latest technologies like DELL servers and cooling system and promise 24/7 monitoring.

According to our monitoring results, ASPHostPortal does a good job in delivering 100.00% uptime, while Veneration delivers 99.8% uptime.

Alexia Pamelov