EasyHostingASP.NET | Comparing WebHostingBuzz and HostForLIFE is not a simple task. These two web hosts are quite similar, both offering three cost-effective web hosting packages, as well as promising a good hosting performance and support service.

In this case, we have made a WebHostingBuzz vs HostForLIFE comparison after experiencing their hosting solutions personally. With the objective results, people can know the commons and differences of the two companies, picking up the better one with much ease.

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WebHostingBuzz VS HostForLIFE


These two web hosts have a lot of common aspects for their web hosting solutions. We have presented them as below one by one.

Hosting Packages

Both of them offer three packages offering different levels of hosting features at different prices, so that customers can choose one that suits their needs and budgets to the largest extent.

Besides, both WebHostingBuzz and HostForLIFE offer sufficient server resources, PleskPanel control panel, shared SSL certificate, 1-click script installer, SSH, SSI, CGI, PHP 5, MySQL 5, and some advanced features such as Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, Cron Jobs and many more. Even, they all allow 45 days for money back guarantee.

CMS Ready

Both WebHostingBuzz and HostForLIFE are 100% CMS ready, ensuring the full support for all the scripts you may need to set up your websites, such as WordPress for blog sites, phpBB for online forums, osCommerce for e-commerce sites and many more. The latest updated versions of PHP and MySQL are available in the feature lists, along with sufficient disk storage for script downloads, suPHP for handling PHP in a secure manner and enough memory limit for PHP that is at least 125 MB.

In addition, both of these two web hosts also offer the automatic script installation tool. The one used by WebHostingBuzz is named as Softaculous while that of HostForLIFE is QuickInstall. By leveraging either of them, you can have your target script installed into your hosting account with much ease. There is no need for you to manually download the script file, create the necessary MySQL database, set up the basic configurations, upload the essential files and many more. You simply need to click a few buttons and enter the required information, then, your website can start running without any error and issue.

Even, the great offering of PleskPanel control panel achieves an easy afterwards management of your site. With it, you can manage all your database and website files, set up the security configurations, add and delete the add-on domains and sub-domains, create the email accounts, monitor your email storage and many others. Even, many extra features offered by the web hosts need to be controlled via this control panel, such as the utilization of free advertising credits and the activation of CloudFlare CDN service.


Website security is one of the top concerns for both WebHostingBuzz and HostForLIFE. In this case, they all offer some advanced services and features to protect you away from the potential dangers. For instance, they offer the SSL certificate to safeguard the data delivery between you and your readers, allow the daily backup to copy and store everything on your site, offer the SpamAssassin to deal with the email spam and many more.


WebHostingBuzz rents four data centers that are all carrier-grade and top-notch to locate its robust web servers. With the dedicated infrastructure, each data center is featuring with the Tier IV facility, N+N power supply and network redundancy, 10 Gigabit fibers, SAS 70 Type 2 certification and many more.

As for HostForLIFE, it chooses the world-class Ace and Cyrus One data centers to house the highly-specified servers. To ensure a proper running for web servers, all of the data centers are equipped with redundant power supply, advanced security monitoring, 24/7 climate control and all-rounded monitoring.

Theoretically, both WebHostingBuzz and HostForLIFE should be able to guarantee a good uptime with their advanced data centers and servers. According to our online monitoring with two sample sites hosted by them respectively, they do not disappoint us.

Page Loading Speed – HostForLIFE Wins

In fact, according to the uptime chart displayed previously, it is easy to figure out that HostForLIFE is much faster than WebHostingBuzz, only requiring around 100 ms for server responding.

To make the result more precisely, we also have made a real-time testing with Pingdom. Based on the results, the WebHostingBuzz-hosted website needs 3.15s for page loading, and the HostForLIFE-hosted one only requires 1.75s.

Support – HostForLIFE Wins

Although both of them allow customers to ask for help via live chat, ticket system and email, HostForLIFE absolutely does a better job as it showcases the contact methods at the most obvious location for each of its webpages.

As for WebHostingBuzz, customers have to enter into the support page to get the live chat button and the email address of the support team. Even, this company does not offer the phone support, resulting in much inconvenience for customers.

WebHostingBuzz VS HostForLIFE – Which One to Choose?

Based on this comparison, we highly recommend HostForLIFE as it wins more scores than WebHostingBuzz in terms of speed, charging and support service. Besides, among all the customer feedbacks we have collected for HostForLIFE, there are almost no serious complaints at all.

Alexia Pamelov