EasyHostingASP.NET | Best review and comparison AbleCommerce hosting. AbleCommerce is a fully customizable real-time electronic commerce shopping system, with built-in content management. It incorporates an online store building utility that simplifies a store management. All system-level and merchant-level administration runs entirely from a web browser.

Reasons Why AbleCommerce is Good Choice

With AbleCommerce, you can dynamically create and update your product inventory in real-time while using the built-in inactivate and preview features necessary for areas in construction. You have the ability to manage tens-of-thousands of products or just one. A relational (hierarchical) database allows inventory to be organized into unlimited levels of categories for easy page-by-page navigation.

AbleCommerce enables merchants to easily create and modify store elements (headers, footers, css, product descriptions, etc) using standard HTML editors such as Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia DreamWeaver. Also included is a WYSIWYG editor with spell checking for browser based editing of web page content. Merchants can edit the look and feel of websites using the wizard based interface. Content and layout can be modified without any knowledge of html and scripting languages.

Integrated sub-modules include shipping, taxes, discounts, order retrieval, product kitting, product options, cross selling, and reports. AbleCommerce can support multiple domains, multiple SSL certificates, and custom template modifications while still using the dynamic settings provided by the online administration modules. AbleCommerce has complete integration with third-party applications such as UPS OnLine® Tools, UPS World Ship, CyberSource and Certitax.

At the core of AbleCommerce is the CommerceBuilder® engine, a set of compiled modules that can be accessed via popular web scripting languages. These modules provide the functions necessary to e-commerce, such as user tracking, product management, and online payment processing. Support for many third-party real-time credit card processors is included, and the interface is fully extendable for integration with most other payment gate­ways.

Best Review and Comparison AbleCommerce Hosting 2016


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