EasyHostingASP.NET | Best review and Comparison ASP.NET Core 1.0 RC2 hosting. The ASP.NET team announce the availability of ASP.NET Core RC2.  This release succeeds the ASP.NET 5 RC1 release and features a number of updates to enhance compatibility with other .NET frameworks and an improved runtime.The release contains the RC2 of the .NET Core runtime and libraries.  These libraries are everything that ends up in your ‘bin’ folder when you deploy an application.

.NET Core Downloads

You probably only need to download one of these:

  • .NET Core = Run apps with .NET Core runtime
  • .NET Core SDK = Develop apps with .NET Core and the SDK+CLI (Software Development Kit/Command Line Interface) tools
.NET Core Installer
.NET Core SDK Installer
(Preview 1)
.NET Core binaries only
.NET Core SDK binaries only
(Preview 1)
Windowsx64 / x86 .exex64 / x86 .exex64 / x86 .zipx64 / x86 .zip
Windows (Server Hosting)x64 / x86 .exeN/AN/AN/A
Ubuntu 14.04soon: “apt install dotnet”x64 .tar.gzx64 .tar.gz
Debian 8.2N/AN/Ax64 .tar.gzx64 .tar.gz
Mac OS Xx64 .pkgx64 .pkgx64 .tar.gzx64 .tar.gz
CentOS 7.1N/AN/Ax64 .tar.gzx64 .tar.gz
RHEL 7.2soon: “yum install dotnet”x64 .tar.gzx64 .tar.gz

With the release of ASP.NET Core RC2, Microsoft hit a major milestone. But this change isn’t a trivial one. It’s a big change.

That said, ASP.NET Core RC2 has some high level themes:


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NET Core is a modular, streamlined subset of the .NET Framework and CLR. It is fully open-source and provides a common set of libraries that can be targeted across numerous platforms. Its factored approach allows applications to take dependencies only on those portions of the CoreFX that they use, and the smaller runtime is ideal for deployment to both small devices (though it doesn’t yet support some) as well as cloud-optimized environments that need to be able to run many small applications side-by-side. Support for targeting .NET Core is built into the ASP.NET 5 project templates that ship with Visual Studio 2015.

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