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The newest version of Drupal is 8.2.6. This is the first patch release of Drupal 8.2.3 and is ready for use on production sites. This release only contains bug fixes, as well as documentation and testing improvements.


Drupal is the #1 platform for web content management among global enterprises, governments, higher education institutions, and NGOs. Flexible and highly scalable, Drupal publishes a single web site or shares content in multiple languages across many devices. Technology and business leaders transform content management into powerful digital solutions with Drupal. Backed by one of the world’s most innovative open source communities.

Drupal 8.2.6 released now, what’s new ?

This releases come bundled with a variety of modules and themes to give you a good starting point to help build your site. Drupal core includes basic community features like blogging, forums, and contact forms, and can be easily extended by downloading other contributed modules and themes

Known issues

There are no known regressions in this release.

The following issues may affect people running Drupal 8.2.6 on specific hosting environments:

  • Installs on php-fpm environments may see fatal errors on enabling modules, due to #2572293: Do not rebuild router in kernel.terminate.
  • There is not yet per-commit testing for MySQL 5.7.9 or MariaDB 10.1.8 (both released October 2015), but there are no known issues with them. We intend to add per-commit testing on one of these databases in the future.
  • Particular Apache configurations may have issues with serving public file assets. Issue: #2619250: Disabling -MultiViews in .htaccess can cause 500 errors

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What’s New in Drupal 8.2.6

  • #2509268 by joshi.rohit100, dmsmidt, tim.plunkett, willzyx, SKAUGHT, pfrenssen, left, mgifford, ok_lyndsey, TR, kattekrab, alexpott, bojanz, yched: Inline errors repeated on child elements in module uninstall form
  • #2818011 by shashikant_chauhan, rakesh.gectcr, yashsharma01, dalin, akalata, Chi, catch, rosschive: Missing ‘attributes’ under ‘options’ in docs for Link::createFromRoute
  • #2844181 by maxocub, Alex Bukach, alexpott: PluralTranslatableMarkup serialization error
  • #2634156 by dpi, jian he, dawehner: Missing configuration schema and tests for “user_current” views filter handler
  • #2829848 by xjm, mpdonadio, alexpott: Random test failure in DateRangeFieldTest
  • #2837676 by michielnugter, droplet, alexpott, Lendude, jibran, klausi, Wim Leers: Provide a better way to validate all javascript activity is completed
  • #2843901 by tedbow, drpal: Settings tray should use toolbar models to close the toolbar items
  • #2781579 by Vidushi Mehta, amit.mall, brahmjeet789, nathanlawson91, tedbow, naveenvalecha, Manjit.Singh, moonpeak, tkoleary, Gábor Hojtsy, xjm: Fix overlapping Edit buttons on menu sidebar in outside-in
  • #2843259 by alexpott, Mile23: Drupal\Tests\ComposerIntegrationTest breaks when composer.lock generated with composer version 1.3 and higher
  • #2572821 by AbhishekLal, xxronis, Adita, ritzz, dimaro, hardik.p, amit.drupal, gianani, quietone, subhojit777, alexpott: Fix documentation on hook_user_format_name_alter()
  • #2754217 by alexpott, xjm, martin107, dawehner: Random Test Failure with “failed to open stream” for temporary://.htaccess
  • #2823400 by vaplas, Adita, hardik.p, alexpott: Random fail in CopyFileTest
  • #2793849 by tedbow, drpal, alexpott, xjm, tim.plunkett, Wim Leers, phenaproxima: Handle offcanvas differently at lower widths
  • #2815831 by tedbow, drpal, droplet: Move Off-canvas related CSS from drupal.outside_in library to drupal.off_canvas
  • #2784159 by dawehner, alexpott, hchonov: Remove CURL timeout in BTB
  • #2157927 by alexpott: Intermittent test fails in LocaleUpdateTest::testUpdateImportSourceRemote()
  • #2825603 by quietone, mikeryan: Fix rollback of configuration translations
  • #2840595 by amateescu, Berdir: The ‘Source feed’ field of aggregator items has to be updated and marked as required
  • #2843828 by alexpott, timmillwood: \Drupal\Core\DrupalKernel::initializeSettings() can result in moving the autoloader position
  • #2817727 by Wim Leers: Add test coverage to prove controller is called *after* authentication validation
  • #2834316 by Berdir, claudiu.cristea: Node preview shows and defaults to “Default” instead of “Full” view mode
  • #2673960 by Jo Fitzgerald, hussainweb, phenaproxima, mikeryan, quietone, vasi: Unable to migrate D7 User cck fields
  • #2325463 by claudiu.cristea, swentel, GroovyCarrot, bircher, Berdir, lokapujya, mohit_aghera, yanniboi, mgifford, BarisW, Yogesh Pawar: Destination URL breaks preview
  • #2843358 by alexpott, mallezie, dawehner: Postgres fail in Drupal\Tests\path\Kernel\Migrate\d6\MigrateUrlAliasTest
  • #2731419 by hgoto, michielnugter, pareshpatel, tocab, Chernous_dn, Sabbi0612, cilefen, droplet: “cannot call methods on dialog prior to initialization” logged when resizing after closing a modal
  • Revert “Issue #2793849 by tedbow, drpal, alexpott, tim.plunkett, phenaproxima, Wim Leers: Handle offcanvas differently at lower widths”
  • #2843074 by tim.plunkett, alexpott, claudiu.cristea, denutkarsh, effulgentsia: Stale dependencies passed to onDependencyRemoval() result in data loss on uninstallation
  • #2793849 by tedbow, drpal, alexpott, tim.plunkett, phenaproxima, Wim Leers: Handle offcanvas differently at lower widths
  • #2784571 by tedbow, drpal, nod_, naveenvalecha, miteshmap, droplet, Everett Zufelt: Outside-in Accessibility: Allow escape from edit mode with ESC key
  • #2840596 by alexpott, catch, dawehner: Update Symfony components to ~2.8.16
  • #2837072 by BarisW: Incorrect closing of the t() call in the help pages
  • #1867030 by larowlan, Berdir, Oleksiy, andypost, fil00dl: Contact message preview appears at random form position after sorting fields in Manage fields
  • #2801097 by dawehner, Berdir: Converting feed to absolute URLs fails on invalid XML, results in empty output
  • #2782915 by tedbow, droplet, nickgs, drpal, xjm, tkoleary, cashwilliams, tim.plunkett, alexpott, phenaproxima, nod_: Standardize the behavior of links when Outside In editing mode is enabled
  • Revert “Issue #2828438 by Adita, timmillwood, Sam152, rachel_norfolk, jp.stacey: Exception when adding tab to a node managed by content moderation”
  • #2839951 by chiranjeeb2410, badjava: API docs FormattableMarkup::placeholderFormat %variable example contain errors
  • #2828438 by Adita, timmillwood, Sam152, rachel_norfolk, jp.stacey: Exception when adding tab to a node managed by content moderation
  • #2489606 by 20th, slashrsm: hook_file_download() docblock refers to a non-existing function file_download()
  • #2842910 by Lendude: Views module contains several bad namespace in a @see
  • #2842982 by alexpott: Fix Drupal\system\Tests\System\UncaughtExceptionTest in PHP7.1
  • #2842942 by alexpott: Fix tempnam() usage in PHP7.1
  • #2842952: Fix Drupal\taxonomy\Tests\TermTest in PHP7.1
  • #2827644 by maxocub, phenaproxima: Fix path alias migration of translated nodes [D6]
  • #2842741 by alexpott: Fix MigrateExecutable for PHP7.1
  • #2842763 by alexpott: views_ui_preprocess_views_view() broken in PHP 7.1
  • #2838095 by cilefen, pjcdawkins: Only one site slogan character in site slogan when using PHP 7.1
  • #2838968 by Ginovski, Berdir: BlockContentListBuilder should use RedirectDestinationTrait instead of hardcoding the collection link template
  • #2841948 by Mile23, dawehner: Modify run-tests.sh to show file paths of all discovered tests
  • #2599956 by claudiu.cristea, apmsooner: Handler admin summary is double escaped
  • #2824827 by damiankloip, dawehner, Wim Leers, klausi: \Drupal\hal\Normalizer\ContentEntityNormalizer::denormalize() fails with fatal PHP error when bundles are missing from link relation types
  • #2794699 by Jo Fitzgerald, klausi, phenaproxima: MigrateMenuSettingsTest.php is not in the correct location
  • #2828559 by tacituseu, alexpott, mpdonadio, amateescu, hchonov, catch, xjm, Wim Leers, Mixologic: UpdatePathTestBase tests randomly failing
  • #2623568 by yanniboi, claudiu.cristea, himanshugautam, anil280988, sidharthap, Sagar Ramgade, dawehner, tstoeckler: Config schema of argument_default plugins is incorrect
  • #2786443 by alexpott, Berdir, RKopacz, milos.kroulik, generalconsensus: \Drupal\field\FieldStorageConfigStorage::mapFromStorageRecords() can fail without a reasonable error
  • #2838205 by 20th, panshulk, Damien Flament: Invalid YAML syntax in code examples in documentation
  • #2829484 by vegantriathlete, 20th, xjm: Incorrect spelling of possessive “its own” in multiple comments
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