EasyHostingASP.NET | Best and cheap nopCommerce 3.90 Hosting in Europe. When you visit the official website of nopCommerce, you can easily find there are several web hosts already recommended by the official development team, including  ASPHostPortal web solutions, HostForLIFE, WindowsASPNETHosting and Applied Innovation. Then which web host could be your best choice for nopCommerce 3.90 hosting in Europe ? After reading this review article of best nopCommerce hosting, we believe you’ll be able to find out a satisfied e-commerce hosting solution for your business.


This review article of European nopCommerce 3.90 hosting based on compatibility of nopCommerce system, website loading speed of nopCommerce, nopCommerce technologies, easy installation, hosting features, nopCommerce technical support and prices, as well as the reputation of each web host among online communities and forum websites.

After reviewed 20+ famous nopCommerce hosting companies in Europe, HostForLIFE.eu web service is honored to be the winner of nopCommerce 3.90 hosting solution based on its fully compatibility of nopCommerce program, cutting-edge industrial technology, hypersonic business website speed, powerful e-commerce hosting features, well-trained nopCommerce hosting support and unmatched prices, as well as fantastic reputation in the industry.

Best and Cheap European nopCommerce 3.90 Hosting Recommendation



As a leading provider of Windows and ASP.NET hosting technology, HostForLIFE.eu Inc. has been providing superior nopCommerce hosting service with unmatched price over 8 years. All of its Windows hosting services are 100% compatible with nopCommerce shopping cart and its cheapest shared hosting package for nopCommerce starts from as low as €3.49 / month 15% OFF. In this Windows shared hosting package, you can get everything that needed for running a fast, stable and secure nopCommerce website. All of the .Net versions and .Net MVC framework are supported, as well as IIS 8.0 URL Rewrite, isolated application pool, full trust web.config, and so on.

Best nopCommerce 3.90 Hosting Features:

The reason for HostForLIFE.eu to become the winner of best nopCommerce hosting solution, because the company always offers much more powerful web hosting features to customers with a better price. Here is a list of noticeable features about its most popular Windows shared hosting plan.

nopCommerce 3.90 Hosting Features

All of the Windows hosting services are fully compatible with nopCommerce e-commerce program

  • A free domain name is included for every new hosting account
  • Plenty of disk space and bandwidth to host your nopCommerce website
  • .Net. 5, 4.5  and .Net MVC Framework
  • Latest PleskPanel with multiple free .Net script auto installation – nopCommerce, WordPress, Mojoportal, DNN..
  • 24/7 European-based qualified nopCommerce hosting technical support and customer service.
  • Quarterly billing is accepted for every shared hosting account

How to choose a best European nopCommerce 3.90 hosting ?

To choose a right web host is very important for your website, especially for the business websites. Then how to choose a right web host for nopCommerce shopping cart? Here are some tips you should keep in mind.

  • Does the web host offer nopCommerce auto installation? – Most of the webmasters are always lazy to download the source file to install themselves, so the auto installation is serious for most of the business owners. As a professional nopCommerce hosting provider, HostForLIFE.eu provides the nopCommerce auto installation on all of its Windows hosting services.
  • The performance of nopCommerce website – As you see, the performance of a company is always one of the most important keys for us to choose a best web hosting on our review website. As for our experience, HostForLIFE.eu is a real fast web hosting provider for nopCommerce shopping cart, since we did have installed the nopCommerce on our HostForLIFE.eu account for testing purpose, finally we found the website was loading super fast in our end. If you don’t believe what we write here, just feel free to open a test account with HostForLIFE.eu to test yourself, you’ll find their performance is real great.
  • Efficient and professional nopCommerce technical support – The web hosting market is much different with 10 years before. A company wants to stand on the top of Pyramid only relies on offering reliable web hosting service is further not enough, but also needs to provide instant and efficient customer service. HostForLIFE.eu is such a web host that always caring about customer needs and continuously offers the newest technologies and most advanced networking facilities with efficient and helpful nopCommerce hosting support to customers.
  • The price must be acceptable – The competition of web hosting market is very cruel nowadays. When you enter “nopCommerce hosting” on the search engines, you can easily find there are numerous web hosts listed below. Normally speaking, if a company offers nopCommerce hosting service over $10.00 a month, then you can ignore with that web host, since it does have many trusted web hosts offer reliable web hosting services for nopCommerce. For example, HostForLIFE.eu cheapest Windows hosting service for nopCommerce starts from as low as €3.49 / month 15% OFF, which is a very ideal choice for individuals and small businesses.
  • At least 30 day money back guarantee – Almost all of the web hosts are offering at least 30 days money back guarantee to customers nowadays, if a company that doesn’t offer a good money back policy, then you can pass it through.
Alexia Pamelov