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According to a Forrestor study, 93% of internet traffic comes from search engines. In order to get more traffic to your website, it is imperative to optimize it for search engines. One of the easiest ways to help optimize your site is to use a content management system that already has SEO features built in. Sitefinity CMS was built with search engines in mind and is complete with numerous features that make your website search engine friendly.

URLs: Structured for SEO


URLs (uniform resource locators), are easy to control and edit using Sitefinity CMS. Sitefinity allows you to alter page URLs to make them shorter, keyword rich, and altogether better for SEO. Sitefinity also makes it simple for you to set up 301 redirects to enable search engines to follow old URL links to new ones. Sitefinity’s localized URL capabilities allow you to adjust your URLs to best match localized keywords and content which makes your website more search engine friendly.

Hide Non-Search Worthy Pages


Sitefinity CMS allows you to hide any pages that you don’t want a search engine to index. If you have any pages that won’t help your ranking and you don’t want to be shown when people are searching, you can easily check a box which will block search engines from scanning that page.

Titles, Tags, and Descriptions

Sitefinity CMS makes it easy to add and edit titles, tags, and descriptions that help attract search engines. In one step, you can add title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and meta keywords. Sitefinity’s link tool allows you to add link tags between website pages, which can help improve your search ranking. Sitefinity also has filtering tools that help you find any missing titles or descriptions on your web pages so you can quickly correct them which will also help your ranking.

Clean Coding

Clean coding not only makes a coder’s job easier, it is easier on a search engine as well. The out-of-the-box backend code for Sitefinity CMS is already optimized for search engines. The only code you will need to optimize is the code that your website developers have or are going to add.

Social Media and SEO


Having sharable content published on your website helps improve your search engine rankings. Sitefinity CMS enables you to share and post content to your Twitter and Facebook without having to leave Sitefinity CMS. It also allows you to post the content to your blog from the system.

Mobile Friendly Equals Search Engine Friendly

Google and other search engines give credit to websites that are mobile friendly. Having a responsive design that will look good on any device is key for SEO. Sitefinity is one of the few content management systems that have a responsive design built in. When your website has a responsive design it only produces one URL for each page, not one for each device, which means more traffic for your URLs and a higher ranking on Google.

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Alexia Pamelov