EasyHostingASP.NET | Best and cheap wordpress hosting. Are you new to following terms web hosting, web servers, hosting, website hosting or web space? If yes, this article specially crafted for you to understands the basics of web hosting. In this article, I will be sharing basics of web hosting and how it works. In simple words, hosting is an online space or storage where we store our sites data, applications files, videos, and other stuff to make them accessible from anywhere around the world. You can make your stuff available publicly or private it by password protection.

The hosting computer is also known as “Servers” are similar to our home computers and their working principle too. But they are specifically designed for hosting files and data. These servers are highly expensive than an ordinary/personal computer or laptop.

What is Web Hosting?

A web host is a firm or company who provides us online space for storing our website content, files and documents. Along with web storage, they also offer and responsible for domain registration, SSL certificates, Email facility, Servers maintenance, Server softwares upgrading and Hosting servers security.

There are many web hosting companies available which provide space to store your website at the affordable cost. These companies installed extremely fast CPU’s and servers in their data centers that hosts your website and their contents. They have high power network and resources. When a user types your website address, users computer connects with DNS and then web hosting servers to fetches required contents of your site to show results in users web browser.

Types of Web Hosting

There are following types of hosting; Shared, Dedicated, VPS, Cloud, Managed WordPress and Reseller that is commonly used for hosting websites.

Shared Web Hosting

As the word “shared” clearly describes, a web hosting that is shared with hundreds of other individuals or business to make their sites online known as shared web hosting. It’s the best wordpress web hosting for newly started sites whether they are blogging based or for business. It is very cheap and easy to manage. The hosting provider handles technical support, hardware maintenance, server software upgrading, server issues and anything else. Usually, shared hosting offers unlimited bandwidth, storage, and traffic. The biggest advantage of shared hosting is, it’s very cheap and highly affordable for one having lowest budget limit.



  • Lowest cost and highly affordable usually starts from 2-5$/month
  • Unlimited traffic, bandwidth as hosts say (but have limits)
  • Unlimited storage space and emails
  • Excellent technical supports
  • More than 100 free software comes with shared hosting
  • One-click CMS installation


  • Medium security support because shared with hundreds of users
  • Sometimes heavy traffic slows down the site speed
  • High traffic can make your site freeze or unresponsive
  • Can’t handle heavy traffic due to limited CPU’s resources
  • Medium technical support

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Dedicated Web Hosting

In the dedicated web hosting, an entire server is reserved for a client or individual and not shared with other users. Reserved server located in the hosting provider data center. It gives the full control of the server to their user or administrator. In certain cases, the service provider offers security measures, operating system support, and software upgrading.

Highly skilled folks are required to handle and manage dedicated hosting. Mostly, individual and companies did not go for such type of hosting due to the number of reasons including most expensive than shared hosting, need server expert who knows servers management and undoubtedly it will cost them additional charges.



  • Best for huge organization and company
  • Next level hosting control
  • Robust database support
  • Can connect multi-domains
  • High Traffic limit
  • Powerful email solutions


  • Too much expensive
  • Superior skills required to maintain
  • Need much experience to control
  • Not best for non-techy guys

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for virtual private server. It is something like dedicated hosting, but the main difference between these is physical existence. In dedicated hosting, you rent an entire server that physically located at hosts data center. In VPS hosting, you also have a dedicated server but not in physical form. VPS hosting shared with other users. That is why dedicated hosting is much faster than VPS.

In both cases, you have super user rights to install any script, softwares or anything else on the operating system. High skilled staff or user required to handle it. However, it is too much expensive and complicated to manage. If you are a developer or business firm, who develop apps, then go for this.



  • Own virtual hosting server
  • Advanced level control on server
  • High performance and reliability
  • Private IP address
  • Cheaper then dedicated hosting


  • Expensive plans
  • It is good for Developers
  • Difficult to control and manage
  • Technical skills required

So, Which One Right for You?

Now all the web hosting types are described above, and I am pretty you are not new to the term of web hosting anymore. Am I right? But here is another question may come in your mind that which one web hosting is best for me?

Well, let’s talk about it.

It’s a simple and thumb rule if your site is new or having a small amount of traffic then Shared hosting right for you. But how much smaller? Usually, 8k~10k PVs per day, though hosting provider claims that their shared plans can easily handle 25k visitors per day, but higher traffic will slow down your site speed and sometimes may cause freezing. So, that is why at that stage you need a better, faster and high performance web host.

On the other hand having a site with half-million page view per month then VPS, Dedicated or Shared WordPress hosting is the best solution. There are many hosts offers VPS, Dedicated, and Shared hosting plans but I would highly recommend choose from listed above.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask me below in the comments sections. Do share your experience about web hosts and also which one is your favorite hosting company?

Alexia Pamelov