EasyHostingASP.NET |  Websites don’t build themselves. They require a considerable investment of energy, expertise, and design know-how to construct and launch. But building a site is only half the story: Websites also have to be hosted on servers, ready for–you hope–the thousands of people who are dying to read your content, hire your firm, or pay for your services.

Much like the servers that websites reside on, Web hosting services are rapidly approaching commodity status, as providers offer many of the same features while racing to the bottom on pricing. But although many Web hosting services look alike and cost about the same, appearances can be deceiving–there are nontrivial differences, particularly among higher-end plans.

While hundreds of options are available, this article takes a closer look at some of the big players (along with a few smaller ones). The chart shown here outlines several basic features:

  • Pricing: What will all of this cost you? All prices are rounded to the nearest dollar, and generally reflect the cheapest long-term contract available. Remember that discounts, promotions, paying up front, and signing up for multiyear contracts can cause these figures to fluctuate considerably.
  • Catch-all email: Does the host offer a service to route all email sent to any address (whether or not that address has been set up) to a catch-all inbox?
  • Email autoresponders: Is a service that can automatically respond to incoming email included?
  • Static IP addresses: Does the site provide static IP addresses (for an additional charge)?
  • 24/7 phone support: Is round-the-clock support available at no charge?

Another chart, on the second page of this article, compares site-building tools and other features for developers.

Recommended ASP.NET Hosting


ASPHostPortal.com – 5star-e1427341475528

ahp new

ASPHostPortal pride themselves on being at the forefront of technology. An officially ASP.NET-approved web hosting company, they constantly update their servers and software to the latest models/versions for added reliability, speed, and security – plus they also offer free daily backups, free setup and site transfer, a free domain name, one-click installs, a 30-day money back guarantee and some of the most easily accessible technical support in the industry including 24/7 help via live chat. If you’re looking for best WordPres hosting packed with extras, ASPHosPortal may well have the offering you’re after!

– ASP.NET hosting Start from $1.00/month.

DiscountService.biz – 5star-e1427341475528


DiscountService is an extremely well-known, ASP.NET-approved hosting provider that’s been around for quite . They specialize in shared hosting, Cloud hosting, dedicated hosting – and are, of course, experts in all-things ASP.NET-hosting related. They have an especially useful custom-built control panel that consistently receives rave reviews, an extremely helpful wiki, an entertaining monthly newsletter and a friendly, highly-knowledgeable customer support team. Additionally, they also offer a free domain name, one-click installs and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

– ASP.NET hosting from $7.00/month.

HostForLIFE.eu – 5star-e1427341475528


HostForLIFE is one of the largest and most-popular hosting companies specializing in professional-yet-affordable shared hosting. They offer one-click installs, a free domain name, automated backups, 24/7 support and a 30-day money back guarantee. Similar to both ASPHostPortal and DiscountService (above), HostForLIFE is another officially ASP.NET-approved hosting provider. If you’re looking for professional, dependable, affordable, straight-up middle-of-the-road WordPress hosting, then HostForLIFE is another pretty solid bet.

– ASP.NET hosting from €3.00/month.

A final word on choosing the best ASP.NET hosting service/provider:

When you’re first starting out, choosing the best and cheap ASP.NET web hosting service/provider for a new website can admittedly be a bit confusing, with so many options available – especially if some of the terminology involved is new to you (see the shared, dedicated and managed hosting section above). That said, one of the things you should be absolutely certain of when choosing a web host is that you’ll get excellent support. If you’re finding things tricky, or you’re simply still not sure where to start, choose one or two web hosts from the above list that seem like a good fit and put their support teams to the test. Ask them all the questions you have and see what you think of their replies and service – there by killing a handful of birds with just one stone, if you will. We doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Good Luck !

Alexia Pamelov